Terms & Conditions

  1. The terms and conditions apply to all the sale of all goods and services supplied by MG Granite - MGG and the client and apply at all times unless agreed in writing by the company.
  2. The companies agents have no authority to enlarge, vary or exclude any of these conditions unless specifically agreed by the company.
  3. For installations the client will pay a deposit of 50% at the time of ordering the stone, 40% on delivery and the final 10% on completion, if we can't finish installation within one day. If installation is finished within the day the full outstanding balance is due.
  4. For collections the client will pay a deposit of 50% at the time of ordering the stone and the balance on collection.
  5. Any goods supplied remain the property of MGG until the goods are paid in full.
  6. Supply only goods, delivered to site must be completely checked by the client or their representative and the delivery note signed. MGG will accept no responsibility for stone damaged by others. Any replacements will need to be paid in full.
  7. Templates or drawings provided by installers or clients will be used to produce the stone required. Should the items be incorrect due to an error with the supplied drawing or templates a charge will be made to reproduce the item again or make alterations.
  8. Estimates remain valid for a period of 30 days from the date, on the paperwork.
  9. The final price can only be confirmed once templating has been completed or templates checked at the factory by MGG. The client or their representative has to be on site at the time of templating to agree all the details of the project.
  10. The price of the following are not included in any estimate normally unless requested, but are chargeable and will increase the final bill; parking, congestion charge, supply of sink or taps, disconnecting customers sink, tap or hob, removing existing worktops, reconnecting sink, tap or hob, additional labour to carry worktops upstairs or over long distances and additional polishing. Other items may also be chargeable. Any additional work requested at installation will also be chargeable.
  11. Once a start date has been confirmed by MGG, we will assume the site will be ready to commence on this date. All fittings should be on site such as sink, tap and hob. If no notification is received and MGG turn up on site, a penalty charge will apply at MGG discretion.
  12. Delivery and completion dates mentioned by MGG in any quotation or acceptance form or elsewhere are not contractual and MGG shall not be under any liability to the customer in respect to failing to deliver on such date or dates.
  13. Once fitting is complete by MGG, the client or their representative will be required to make an inspection of the work and sign off completion. The silicone sealent can only be applied in a dust free atmosphere, if decorators or builders make this impossible, we will leave a tube of silicon for the decorators or builders to use, or make a return visit and charge the client £50 plus VAT.
  14. MGG suggest covering the area of work, if further work is to be carried out by other tradesmen, as MGG accept no liability for damage caused by others. Any chips, cracks or damaged caused after the satisfaction form is signed will be chargeable visits to correct the issues.
  15. Should MGG not be installing any of the work we are supplying? MGG will not be responsible for any subcontractors you use.
  16. Minor decoration work may be required after a worktop is fitted, in particularly confined spaces to walls or along the top edge of the up-stand and wall. This is the responsibility of the client to action.
  17. Should a client cancel a project after templating and before production a full refund will be made, with a deduction for templating. If the client cancels a project once in production, the refund will be limited to the delivery and installation costs. The refund will only be made if we can return the material to the supplier, less any restocking charge they may make. Some materials from abroad are not refundable.
  18. If a client pays an account or any part thereof, by cheque and such cheque is then subsequently dishonored, a £35 charge may be levied to cover MGG's administration costs.
  19. Please note that natural stone is a natural product and minor color variations, pits, fissures, and crystal "pops" are NOT flaws. They are all a part of owning natural stone countertops. Large pits or pops can be color epoxy filled and sanded smooth as a courtesy to the homeowner.
  20. MGG allow "the user" to view and download information from this website purely for your own personal, information and non-commercial use. Under no circumstances may "the user" modify materials or information obtained from this web site in any way, or reproduce, publicly display or distribute them for any commercial purpose unless expressly permitted by MGG. All the content of this website is the copyright of MGG and any unauthorized use of items obtained from this website may breach copyright, trademark or other laws.
  21. Fitting will be between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, evenings, weekends and bank holidays are charged and time and a half.
  22. There may be some cutting required to be done on site, this may create some dust. We will endeavor to keep this to a minimum, but we are not liable for any cleaning or charges incurred for cleaning by the client. We suggest that if the client is worried by this, they put dust sheets down prior to our arrival on the floor and over furniture or other objects.
  23. It should be noted that all samples supplied to clients are done so as a guide only, the final color stone or glass supplied may vary from the original sample. Clients are encouraged to come to the factory or visit the stone supplier if they are worried about the color, markings or pattern of the stone to inspect the slabs prior to cutting and let us know their concerns, once cut no alterations are possible. We will endeavor to get the best match possible, but there may be some color variation especially at joints, this is all part of the beauty of stone.
  24. Once fitted we recommend the customer reseals the worktops every 6 to 12 months to ensure they remain stain free. A suitable sealer can be purchased from MG Granite.